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Frank and Matilda

February 16, 2012

My gracious friend has allowed me to use his balcony as an experimental site for Pigeon Cohabitation and Guano Collection. Since the summer, the one Pigeon that used to hang out on his patio furniture has found a mate and seems to be looking for some good digs.

Que the Pigeon Pod…

“Frank” and Matilda” (these first home buyers) will receive their first home sometime in the next couple of weeks. As rent, (this concept is purely Natalie’s), they will pay by guano droppings in which we will harvest and prepare for fertilizing our herb and vegetable gardens. If you live in Toronto, and wish to purchase this precious fertilizer, get in touch!

Photo by Dylan Pask


The Bird Game

February 16, 2012

My 10 year old nephew and I have begun researching for our Bird game that we are planning on creating for the iOS platform. We started brainstorming ideas last summer and are now in the process of choosing species and regions. For the Pigeon Studio, this initiative is a compelling way of bringing awareness of biodiversity through short play experiences. I think for Keoni, he’s excited to share the amazing abilities of birds – whether it’s high speed flight (Peregrine Falcons) or tight agility (Crag Martins), his passion and enthusiasm says it all!

These are some of the notes from our last skype meeting (yes meeting, Keoni is the real deal), that highlight 3 – 4 species from different regions around the world.

For the settings or “worlds”, we’re looking at using Keoni’s superb drawings, since it’s a no brainer and they are absolute gold + diamonds…

Where Architecture + Nature meet….

February 16, 2012

Here’s a peak of the collaborative Animal Cohabitation Architecture project I’ve been busy with….the visual articulation of a organic structure below, represents the site for both human shelter and animal habitat.

To quote the eloquent and brilliant mind behind this work, Italian Architect Mirko Daneluzzo,

“the structure is neither architecture nor nature, it is in between”

Growing Habitat

February 16, 2012

Growing Habitat

(Pordenone Structure)

Swallow’s Nest

January 26, 2012

This gorgeous Swallow nest is a combination of dried grass and mud. Swallow’s build their dwellings on ledges or straight-up inner corners of structures or balcony’s. They will have 4-5 eggs in a clutch, both parents care for them.

Migratory Birds of Italy

January 25, 2012

I’m currently working on a wonderful Architecture project involving the understanding of migratory birds in North East Italy. Some of the birds I’m studying are incredibly agile and fast fliers – which has a lot to do with their food source – flying insects.

Here are a few samples of these magnificent animals. (The Martin’s are the fastest of the group..)


Squirrel Nest!

October 11, 2011

Check out this lovely little Squirrel’s nest right outside of my work’s kitchen window. The little guy looked pretty cozy wrapped-up in bright green leaves – and if you look closely, you can see his/her fur pressed up against the glass. This kind of animal cohabitation visibility is a strong reminder that our buildings (ledges in this case) and unused spaces are opportunity spaces for other species. Imagine if we had this visibility with Pigeons, Raccoons and House Sparrows? I wonder if we’d be more mindful and aware to how biodiverse cities really are? Or, I wonder, would it go the other way?! (..don’t really think I like that thought…)